NAIA Baseball Showcase

Wednesday, July 26, 2017, Waleska, GA
Reinhardt University, 7300 Reinhardt College Circle

Are you junior or senior in high school?  What about a junior college athlete? If so, take advantage of this NAIA Showcase that is just for you!  Your college athletic future awaits. 

Registration: $129.00

Group/Team Discounts are available.  Contact Austin Bennett at [email protected] for more information.



Registration fee includes NAIA Showcase Dri-fit, NAIA Eligibility Center discount, meet and greet with coaches and your information made available to all NAIA baseball coaches.

The Showcase is recommended for high school juniors and seniors and junior college student-athletes.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover accepted.


8:30 am — NAIA Showcase Begins (Check-in)
9:00 am — NAIA Welcome and Introductions
9:15 am — Player Stretch and Divide into Groups 
9:30 am — Timed Running (Home to First/Second base to home) – All Non-pitchers
9:30 am — Pitchers throw Bullpen (10 pitches)
10:15 am — Outfielders On-Field Defensive Evaluation (2 throws to third base/3 throws to home plate)
11:00 am — Infielders On-Field Defensive Evaluation
11:45 am — Batting Practice
1 pm — NAIA Coaches and participants meet and greet

**Catchers will be evaluated throughout the bullpen sessions and pop time**

What to bring:

All participants need to be dressed in proper baseball attire and bring all items that would be needed for a regular baseball game. No gloves, bat, cleats or helmets will be provided. Lunch is not provided to participants. We highly encourage participants to bring a sack lunch or snacks to help stay energized throughout the day. Parents may want to bring lawn chairs.

Don't forget your waiver!

Common Questions:

Will an actual game be played?

No. We will be going through a pro-style workout. There will not be an actual game at this Showcase. Please review the itinerary to understand what a pro-style workout consist of. 

Parents welcome at the Showcase!

One unique aspect of an NAIA Showcases is the presentation for students and parents to learn about the NAIA and its schools, level of competition, how athletic aid works, academic and athletic requirements and what the student-athlete experience looks like. 

To allow participants and coaches to make the most of the Showcase, parents and visitors are permitted in designated areas of the facility only. We want to encourage interactions at the NAIA Showcase, it is important that NAIA coaches not be interrupted while conducting their on-site assessments. Please respect the areas assigned to parent seating. 

NAIA Eligibility Center

Parents are invited to the NAIA Eligibility Center tent for a presentation about NAIA eligibility requirements and NAIA Eligibility Center. This will be a great time to ask questions about GPA, test score and class rank requirements, what materials are necessary to have a prospective student’s eligibility determined, and the costs and timing of registration. 

Each Showcase participant will receive a promo code after the event for a discount on new NAIA Eligibility Center registrations. 

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These NAIA institutions will have coaches on-site for the Showcase.

In addition, all Showcase attendees' information will be available to all NAIA coaches after the Showcase.

Montreat College
Montreat, NC
Mascot: Cavaliers
Enrollment: 743
Athletics | Admissions
Jason Beck, Head Coach
Grayson Snipes, Graduate Assistant
Reinhardt University
Waleska, GA
Mascot: Eagles
Enrollment: 1224
Athletics | Admissions
Kevin Howard, Head Coach
James Connell, Assistant Coach
St. Andrews University
Laurinburg, NC
Mascot: Knights
Enrollment: 440
Athletics | Admissions
Cliff Allred, Recruiting Coordinator
Talladega College
Talladega, AL
Mascot: Tornadoes
Enrollment: 675
Marcos Dominguez , Head Coach
William Carey University
Hattiesburg, MS
Mascot: Crusaders
Enrollment: 0
Bobby Halford, Head Coach

What’s different about recruiting?

NAIA Guide to the College Bound Student Athlete

For high school athletes

NAIA athletic recruiting rules are very different from other associations. If you’re a high school student, NAIA rules don’t restrict when or how often you and college coaches can communicate.

There's no college sports recruiting calendar or limit on the number of communications or what form they take ... phone, email, text or in person. NAIA schools want you and the coach to find the right fit.


Interested in transferring to an NAIA school?

Once you have started your college experience by enrolling and/or attending classes, an NAIA school cannot initiate contact with you. This applies even if you haven't started classes yet, but have drawn equipment and begun organized practice. (An exception is for junior college athletes who have completed the academic year in which they have used their first season of competition.)

As a student, however, you can reach out to an NAIA coach at any time. Be aware that once you contact a school representative, within 10 days they are obligated to notify in writing the institution where you are currently enrolled. They don’t need permission to respond to your inquiry, but your current school must be notified that the contact has been made.

Can I visit a campus for a tryout?

You're permitted a maximum of two days of tryouts at an individual school throughout your entire career, and the tryout can't interfere with school time. The tryout must occur on campus. If a school has a policy for providing or reimbursing all students for such visits, the same can be applied to prospective student-athletes.

What about letters of intent?

As an association, the NAIA does not have a letter of intent program in which students sign a binding agreement to participate in athletics at a particular school. Student-athletes may sign letters of intent with an individual NAIA school, however, they aren’t obligated to attend that institution. That said, some NAIA conferences require their member schools to recognize letters of intent that are signed with other schools within the conference. Please check with your prospective school to see if any conference programs apply.

Admission standards for athletes

To participate in athletics in the NAIA, you must be admitted to the college or university under admission standards equal to or higher than those applied to the general student body.

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